Saturday Swoons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these! I just wanted to share a few things I’ve come across that I thought to be pretty/would look great in our home/on me. (Too many slashes?) You know, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks…

One: Dorothy Perkins Leopard Scarf, $17
Two: Fresh eau de Parfum Sugar Lemon, $24.95
Three: Selma Sneaker, $24.99
Four: Cow Skull Mosaic Mirror, $145
Five: Merona Boyfriend Watch, $14.99

I’ve probably wanted a leopard scarf for a year and a half now and haven’t ponied up the $15 to buy one. There’s a really great one at Target right now. Long and full! Don’t miss out on it! I think leopard goes with everything! And I know what you’re thinking. Those sneaker wedges are like, what, so 1995? Well, I used to absolutely HATE them. Until I saw two pretty stylish ladies wearing them. And they’re black. Instead of white with laces… *cringe* Also, I’ve been really wanting a cow skull. SO. BAD. Problem is, all the ones I find are too expensive for me. Anyone have a dead cow? Much obliged.