House Tour: Dormpartment

This is my sister’s apartment! She ended up getting it by herself after a little incident with the other bedroom which you can read about here. Those limbs in the corner with the sparkle lights on it are from my parents willow tree in their backyard. The owls and lamps were thrifted and we put thrifted vases from my wedding in her big window sill. On the table sits her beta fish, Lewis. The shelves are $16 Target shelves that she put her microwave, silverware, and pots and pans in because it’s near the sink and two burners. The shelves also keep her books, cameras, and DIY silver owl. Her fridge keeps her homemade magnets and important reminders. The cork squares are from Hobby Lobby where she pinned up her favorite pictures of friends and family! The circle garland was made by her from a Pinterest project. Pretty neat, huh?

What do you think? Second part later today!