cardi: F21, dress: F21, scarf: Walmart, jeans: Goodwill, boots: Goodwill, belt: thrifted

I tugged along my coat for class but it never served it’s purpose. It sadly sat next to me all day while I was warm enough in my cardigan. Sorry, coat.

Mondays are really kind of the worst, aren’t they? I mean there’s that giant hurricane hurling itself towards the east coast, Jason is out late playing ultimate frisbee, and I’m left home alone. Tired, hungry, and frustrated with taking care of the pets and house. When Jason finally gets home I realize how thankful I am for him and all he does with Pepper so I can relax. I’d make him dinner if I could 😉 I guess that’s what those five bags of candy are for!

Today marks the two-weeks-until date for my recital! Mom is picking up my dress Friday and we’ll start getting it cleaned and altered. I can’t wait to show you guys! 🙂

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