School Daze

sweater: Target, dress: AE, tights: Target, boots: F21

Last Thursday I got out and did a bunch of errands in town. I got new tags for the car, went to the bank, and voted! (I didn’t get a sticker though. 🙁 ) The auto department is downtown and I had a lot of time so I decided to get a little lost and ended up finding this old abandoned school and knew I wanted to come back and take pictures. It was freezing! And a little spooky looking inside and seeing empty chairs and rooms. By the way, I should add looking through dark glass doors to my irrational fears list.

Jason got off work several hours early Friday as a kind of reward for staying late the previous day for their fall carnival. So we headed out for a late lunch and drove around some more. I always find something new when I go downtown. Driving around for hours and taking pictures and experiencing that tiny downtown is on my to-do list before we high-tail it out of here. 😉

Having a good Monday? Don’t worry! The weekend will be here before you know it 🙂