Bohemian Rhapsody

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blouse: thrifted, skirt: thrifted, sandals: F21, bracelet: Old Navy, necklace: H&M

Shout out to my 14 year old sister, Ru, for taking these. 🙂

These are the cheapest shoes I own. They don’t even deserve to be called shoes, really. They were $7.50 from Forever21, and while I like them alright it’s like walking on a piece of cardstock with some pleather attached. Can I get an amen? So why in the world do I keep shopping for their shoes?! It’s a sickness. A well shot photograph of a cheap, shiny shoe and I’m hooked. STOP IT, FOREVER21. Thank the Lord there isn’t a store near me.

Things I’m looking forward to the rest of the week:
-Finishing my piano barrier! Whew.
-Going out with a bang in my last week of school. (Not really looking forward to that, though)
-My counseling appointment tomorrow! (Oh yeah, I go to counseling. 🙂
-My very last college choir concert. I’m going to bawl my eyes out, y’all. Forrealz.

Today is my last Wednesday of full classes. I’m sad but for some reason I just keep thinking that classes will still go on throughout the summer and I’ll never have to leave. 🙂

My dog farted while I was writing this. So…

Happy Hump Day!

Stripey Monday


shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Forever21, boots: Go Jane, watch: thrifted

Who knew a $6 shirt could make me feel so good! You should really hop over to Old Navy and pick it up. It’s oversized, soft, and stripes. My top three favorite things in a shirt. I own this in two other colors. 🙂 But oh, these boots! I remember when Target came out with a pair like these with the thick zipper up the back, but I wasn’t willing to pay for them. Then these showed up on Go Jane! I love them, but the zipper is SO.HARD. to zip. I’ve tried soap, olive oil, baby oil… nothing! Any tricks?

What are your plans for this week? It’s Monday! Woo…?

PS. Thanks to my amaze sister for taking these. 🙂


School Daze

sweater: Target, dress: AE, tights: Target, boots: F21

Last Thursday I got out and did a bunch of errands in town. I got new tags for the car, went to the bank, and voted! (I didn’t get a sticker though. 🙁 ) The auto department is downtown and I had a lot of time so I decided to get a little lost and ended up finding this old abandoned school and knew I wanted to come back and take pictures. It was freezing! And a little spooky looking inside and seeing empty chairs and rooms. By the way, I should add looking through dark glass doors to my irrational fears list.

Jason got off work several hours early Friday as a kind of reward for staying late the previous day for their fall carnival. So we headed out for a late lunch and drove around some more. I always find something new when I go downtown. Driving around for hours and taking pictures and experiencing that tiny downtown is on my to-do list before we high-tail it out of here. 😉

Having a good Monday? Don’t worry! The weekend will be here before you know it 🙂