Sunday night girls’ night + our life update.

Remember our story about Direct TV? Well one of the things that was also cancelled/rescheduled that week was Girls’ Night. My two sisters, Shelby and Rudy, with our friend Chaney were going to spend the night and have a royally good time swooning over Pepper. We moved it to Sunday night and it couldn’t have been a better time. Direct TV came out the next morning and we spent Monday watching the Olympics! Weee! Would you believe the only two pictures I took were of food and Pepper? You probably would.

We spent the night talking about everything under the sun and eating red velvet cheesecake brownies until our heads fell off. We watched the ultimate chick flick, Something Borrowed, (have you seen it?! So. Good.) and stuffed ourselves full of s’mores trail mix. (Who eats that stuff out on the trail? It’s mostly chocolate!) It’s nights like these that remind me of why we are ready to move (and why I love people). Living 45-55 minutes away from our families, friends and civilization is a real bummer. Feeling guilty for inviting people over and asking them to drive 45-55 minutes is a bonus bummer.

Since late spring/early summer we felt God shifting our path a little bit. We knew moving to Laneville that we weren’t meant here for long but we just didn’t know how long. We are now really feeling God starting to gently push us out. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainty about where my own life and career will be in ten months. This right now is where God shapes us as Christians. This is where he molds us and asks us to trust Him fully. This, guys, is the very hardest part.

Being married and coming into a big transition like this is totally new; for both of us. When I graduated high school I just kind of gravitated towards Kilgore College and later knew that that was where God placed me. Graduating KC I had a very tentative plan to attend UT Tyler. I know now that God has me there for a reason as well, even though I’m not entirely sure of it yet. The thing is our house is such a temporary space we can’t be sure of when we will actually leave. There is freedom with that, but with that freedom comes a lot of uncertainty and a little fear. Now more than ever our lives are changing together. We each have visions of where we want to be but asking God to take our visions and make them His is… well, humbling. And hard. Real hard. But oh so very exciting.

In times like these I am thankful for my Savior. I don’t trust myself one bit to make these life altering decisions. Does that stop me from planning them out anyway? Nope. It does, however, make it that much sweeter and beautiful when I crumble and let God’s glorious plan wash over me. Oh, I can’t wait to see what our life together looks like in a year.