Food. Good food.

I had high hopes for food this summer. I’m sure looking at all that summery food on Pinterest had absolutely nothing to do with it, too. 😛 One of my summer intentions was to experiment more with food and cook more at home. While I’ve been pretty good at this in the past, ironically when I’m busier during the school year, we’ve fallen out of a routine with me being out of school.
Since we’ve already spent our grocery money this month and have run out of some things I’ve been trying to get a little “creative” over here with lunch. Of all things, I have a big jar of Nutella. No milk or chicken, but dangit I’ve got Nutella. Couple that with peanut butter and mini marshmallows, you’ve got yourself a mighty tasty sandwich, my friend. Oh, don’t forget to grill it like your life depends on it. And don’t put too much Nutella/PB on it unless you want most of your sandwich on your hands. Goes great with cherries on the side!

That second yummy meal was made in part by Shelby. Actually it was made in whole by Shelby. She’s made that a few times over here, the latest being our sleepover Sunday night. (post later!) Cream tomato sauce over garlic butter pasta, with mozzarella grilled chicken. Un.Believable.

Oh and that doozy at the bottom is the classic nacho. Microwaved for convenience of course. With leftover chicken and guacamole. Why did I forget about this food?

So my question is what are some quick delicious meals for two? I’m a champ at frozen pizza and carb-loaded meals but for some reason light meals evade me. Help! I kind of need to fit into my senior recital dress this fall. 😉