Bowling Made Me Sore

My parents head up the college group at our church and Sunday night we went bowling. Ahhh, there’s nothing like sweaty overused shoes, loud obnoxious rap music, and not being able to hear your own voice that really makes you connect with your friends. Or scrolling through your sisters pictures the next day and realizing how bad you need a haircut and to start working out again. Partly because of the pictures and partly because I’m sore today. From bowling. I’m old.

Our friend, Austin, turned out to be a serious pro. I thought at one point the leaguers next to us would recruit him. While he was bowling 130-170 we were bowling 40s and 50s. We aren’t friends anymore.

My pop pop!
Leaguers had their own rolling duffel bags. Are those really necessary?

I love this app, Instagram. There are so many filters and you can follow people who have the app, too!

The CD from this came in today! Woo!

Saturday the hubs and I went to Laneville’s semi-final basketball game in Tyler. Jason works there as their tech director. It was really a lot of fun. They lost, but played a good game. I had forgotten what it was like to go to a good high school game.

This is my name tag from my audition at University of Texas at Tyler on Friday. Would’ve taken a picture of myself but I was ready to get into my PJs as soon as I got home at 6.


So, how was your weekend?