Awkward and Awesome

ALMOST forgot about this post today. It’s been so crazy! I have an audition at UT Tyler tomorrow so I’ve been preparing for that and stressing out about how much attention our house need. And how much quiet time I need. Honestly, I’m not really excited for this audition. I’m prepared. I still just don’t feel that magical orb of whatever that makes me gravitate towards this school. I don’t really know what I’m gravitating toward at the moment actually. So, if you think about it, sneak a prayer in for me!

SO! On to the awkwardness…

-Was sitting in the music building alone and saw a guy-with no one around- throw his binder at a helpless squirrel. I was so. angry.
-Only eleven out of 25 people showed up to class today. We still had class.

-Our choir teacher invited the girls choir over to his house for lunch instead of class! Hello nachos, fruit salad, pink lemonade, and coffee ice cream!
-Talking for an hour and a half with friends at said lunch
-Husband encouraging me and hugging me through a bad afternoon


So, how awkward/awesome was your day?