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cardi: F21, dress: F21, scarf: Walmart, jeans: Goodwill, boots: Goodwill, belt: thrifted I tugged along my coat for class but it never served it’s purpose. It sadly sat next to me all day while I was warm enough in my cardigan. Sorry, coat. Mondays are really kind of the worst, aren’t they? I mean there’s… Read more »

School Daze

sweater: Target, dress: AE, tights: Target, boots: F21 Last Thursday I got out and did a bunch of errands in town. I got new tags for the car, went to the bank, and voted! (I didn’t get a sticker though. 🙁 ) The auto department is downtown and I had a lot of time so… Read more »

I passed + a pretty dress

dress: Target, booties: F21, bracelet: Mom’s I know I’ve exhausted Twitter and Facebook with the news, but it you haven’t heard I did pass my recital hearing yesterday! Thank you all so much for the well wishes and prayers. They really did help 🙂 I got some great feedback from my panel and am officially… Read more »

Best thrifted thing ever.

tee: Target (similar), oxfords: Target, skirt: Salvation Army (similar here) If I could meet the person that made this skirt I’d at least hug them. The more I look at it, it seems to be homemade. Seams are all intact and it’s super comfy so I’m happy. Also the $6 price tag didn’t hurt. My… Read more »

An overly dramatic account of my accident.

I went to bed at 2 AM Friday morning. My phone was dead but I tried to stay up until it turned back on so I could set my alarm. I fell asleep but counted on Jason setting his. 7:10 rolled around and I should have already been on the road. I thought so many… Read more »