Getting To Know You: Shelby

I first met Shelby when she was born a year and two months after me. I don’t remember anything about that encounter but I remember lots about the years since. As kids Shel and I were often mistaken for twins. We hated it growing up but basically embrace it now.

Shel and I have a lot of parallels in our personalities but there are a lot of differences. We share the biggest love you’ve ever seen for Anberlin and crush hard on all the members. God has called us both to the worship leading scene but is taking us there very differently. For example, as most of you might know, Shel is heading to Waco in just a few short weeks to attend Truett Seminary and getting her Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Worship Leadership. (Supes fancy.) Me? No. I’m done with school. Forever. I could not be more proud of her for shooting for her dreams and being ambitious and hardworking and independent. Those traits are specific to her. Shel had no problems moving two hours away to A&M Commerce for school and living basically alone for three years, and then no problems shooting off to Waco where she knows not a single soul and living for three more years. I can’t even imagine.


Shel’s heart is dedicated to worship and everyone sees that and admires that in her. Our church is rooting for her and praying for her on her new Waco journey as she walks into the doors God is opening for her.

Humor? Fuggedaboutit. We laugh constantly. So. Many. Inside. Jokes. And so many fun mini road trips seeing each other and listening to Anberlin or worship music and laughing our butts off at something completely stupid. (That’s basically our entire family, though.) We have so much fun together and I couldn’t ask for a better sister to do life with. It’s just fun.


She’s creative and smart and takes all my outfit pictures and inspires me to be a better photog hobbyist. She’s great with kids naturally, something I am not. I admire a lot of the qualities in her that I don’t have.

If our names were a hashtag, what would it be?

What do you remember about when we first met?
Nothing whatsoever. Probably because I had just exited the womb. (Ew.)

When is your birthday?
November 20.

How do you relax when you’re stressed?
I hate being around people when I’m stressed, so I isolate myself, pray (praying helps a lot), and probably watch a movie to take my mind off of it. Most likely Harry Potter.

What makes a place home for you?
I know it’s super cheesy, but anywhere is home to me if my family’s there. (Are they crying yet?)

What’s your biggest passion? Something that makes you really happy like what you were put on the earth to do.
I have zero doubt that I was put on this earth to worship. I love to sing, but singing doesn’t satisfy the deepest part of me, worshiping does. And I want to spend my life doing that, and helping others feel that same satisfaction that only Jesus offers.

What’s your favorite time of day?
For everyday, the evening Golden Hour wins hands down. But I also love stars, so it’s kind of a tie between the Golden Hour and any really clear night.

Pet peeves?
Complaining and negativity. I hate it.
And hearing people’s chewing sounds makes me crazy. (SHE’S ONLY SAYING THIS BECAUSE SHE HATES THE WAY I CHEW.)


Her favorite color is turquoise. If Shelby were a color she would be turquoise. Her cat Ike is her child. So much so that everyone of us hates him because he’s so spoiled. She’s really good at food. And by that I mean making new things that are totally delicious that takes me to fun restaurants she found on the internet. We go to concerts and make it a whole day and shop and eat and drive and have fun. Eating is the main part, though.

I haven’t fully realized that she’s leaving in a few weeks and I will miss her. SO much. But the trips visiting will be that much more fun, I just know it. And seeing what she does with the kick-butt apartment? I can’t wait.


Love you, Shel.




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  1. This was so sweet and funny! Y’all do look a lot like twins! How cool, haha.

    You make me want to do a post on my best friend. I talk about her a lot, I’m sure my new friends in this new place want to actually know who the heck I am talking about.

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