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100 Years

Last night had to be one of the coolest nights ever. Since Jason’s the Tech Director and their looking for some new technology for the school, we decided to head down to Cushing with Rosemary, the librarian for Laneville, for the open house of Cushing’s new primary school. Afterwards she had invited us over for watermelon…. Read more »

Hello, Hello

Hello, dear readers! Just a quick update for the day. We arrived home safe late last Saturday from a GLORIOUS beach vacation! (More on that later!) Since we’ve been home Jason finally finished putting up all of the drywall in the living room! It looks so good! He’ll start on the mudding this afternoon and… Read more »

Our House is Old

Hello, again! I promise you I haven’t abandoned my sweet blog, but I’ve been busy trying to get our house semi-finished for a party we’re planning on having out here in a few weeks! And with us going on vacation next week it’s been harder than we thought! There’s been a lot of painting and… Read more »

My Life is Good

Yes, I’m back from my leave of absence for now! And life is good. I’ll take what I can get. Since I’ve been gone I took a trip to Tulsa with the college choir. It was… rough. We were all ready to come home. I’ll share pictures of the awesome zoo we went to though,… Read more »