Our Weekend

Happy Monday! We spent our weekend working on our house. I wish we owned it so we could invest in some new tile floors for the kitchen and bathrooms! That linoleum is naaaaasty.

So. The school had recently gotten rid of about five big teacher desks and they were sitting out by the bus barn behind our house. The desk I have can’t fit human legs under it, unless you’re a baby,  and I’d been looking for a desk/table for the sewing machine mom gave me. So we went out there Friday night to check out the desks. After some good measuring I picked one but we had to wait until Saturday morning to bring it in because it was SCALDING hot.

After basically dragging (read: I’m a weakling) that thing in the house (it fit through the door!) I got it all set up in the laundry room. A perfect fit! EVERYTHING from my desk and my little filing cabinet fit in there, plus some. Yay! But I knew I wanted to paint it and transform it from its school-y feel so I put about 5 (FIVE!) coats of white primer on the wooden top part. It looks SO much better.

This is the spray paint I’ll paint the bottom half with. It’s more of a minty color than the blue the picture shows.

In hindsight I probably should have done the spray painting first but I didn’t have the paint yesterday. 🙂

Once I get in a let’s-get-this-bizz-done mood, I can’t be stopped. So as the coats of paint were drying, I carried that 20lb bucket of paint around and touched up the trim and painted the back hallway’s trim, too.

Granted, I got a little khraaayzy.


We also moved furniture all around the house. We finally got the guest room situated (just needs paint),  Jason got his office like he wanted it (just needs paint and a good scrubbing), and we got our little dining area set up.

Here’s the paint color I want to use in the guest room. It’s called “whipped peach”. It sounds gross, but it’s pretty!

And here’s my humongous to-do list that keeps on growing…

Some things on it:

-Hang bulletin board above desk
-Buy yellow spray paint for dining chairs and paint table white
(Jason’s FINALLY letting me paint our dining set his parents gave us)
-Recover dining chairs
-Hang pantry doors back and paint them white
-Paint picture frames white for big living room collage
-Find paint color for back of shelves in music room
-Spray paint vases for shelves

Hopefully I’ll have a big before and after post sometime this week! Lots of hanging things up are on the list, too. We have three cans of paint for three different rooms and none of them have even been opened. We hate painting. So if any of you want to have a painting party we’ll serve you lunch! 🙂

Hope your weekend was as eventful as ours!

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