I Did It!

Yes, people. After I ran out of paint (see last post) I came in, cleaned house, and showered. I waited for Jason to get home so he could go back to Lowe’s with me and get more spray paint. While we were there I decided I’d get a clear top coat for the white paint so it wouldn’t chip. Though, when I started to spray the clear coat I couldn’t tell how much was going on because, uh duh, it’s clear. But hopefully that mug worked because I am NOT unloading it and carrying that desk back outside for the third time.

But here it is… The after!

That picture was extremely hard to take because I was leaning against a lot of loose things from my desk. So, you’re welcome.

Those handles and lock buttons were really hard to tape off. You try taping a circle with wide painting tape! I’m pretty happy with it. Besides the top part. I kind of wish I had spray painted the top part white so maybe it wouldn’t chip as much and I’m also hoping that the clear coat went on really well. It was flat instead of glossy so I couldn’t see it going on.

PS. Don’t you just looove that laminate wood flooring!?

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