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Spring Flowers

I love winter. I’ll be the first one to throw on a sweater and some boots and sit outside in the snow. I could live in the north with no problem. Cold? Bring it on. Ice? Yes, please. Spring? Yeah… okay. I love the 70 degree weather as much as the next gal, but winter… Read more »

Ina Garten’s Chocolate Globs

Winter took our little town by surprise a few weeks ago and threw sleet and snow all over the ground. A huge pink glob was hovering over us on the radar with no end in sight. Our power was fine all afternoon and then wham! Shut off. It surged a couple times before giving up… Read more »

Ice Ice Everywhere

Ice covered every single inch of our neighborhood. All leaves, branches, blades of grss, bird baths… it was beautiful even though it was dangerous. The trees were weighed down and bent. The shell of ice crunched hard underneath my feet and Pepper’s paws. She loved it. Running and crunching and eating the ice. Finding her… Read more »

Ice Storm

Texas had it’s fair share of storms and ice in February and March. We narrowly missed the first one and were so.close. to having the daycare close. Alas. But nay! March rolled around and kicked Texas in its hot rear and slammed us with ice on a day nobody expected it. We closed Monday and… Read more »

We Have A Cat

I talk about Pepper so much I don’t think you guys know that we have a cat! Three, actually. The two indoor cats are Mycroft and Ike. Yes, Mycroft from Sherlock. (Our favorite show. Have you seen it?! We should talk!) Our girl cat, Penny, lives outside and is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet…. Read more »

Our Thanksgiving! I Know It’s January.

Okay… so Thanksgiving was more than a month ago. More like, two months ago. But hey! It’s Thanksgiving and nothing makes me feel better than looking at pictures of delicious food. The turkey was huge and mom basting it made her hand look like an alien. Also, turkey butt. Mmm… pie. Mom’s fall decorations on… Read more »