Ice Storm

Texas had it’s fair share of storms and ice in February and March. We narrowly missed the first one and were so.close. to having the daycare close. Alas. But nay! March rolled around and kicked Texas in its hot rear and slammed us with ice on a day nobody expected it. We closed Monday and almost closed Tuesday. Our area was shut out of power for three or four days. Fun times! It actually was. Being forced to unplug from literally all power was a nice and unexpected refresher. I was a little bummed when we were invited to stay with my aunt until our power came back on. I say a little bummed because I finally got to take a hot shower again. 🙂

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Everything was so cold that night and the next day but having the day off unexpectedly made everything a little more magical. We made toaster strudel on our camping stove, had a fire going all day, grabbed all the blankets and napped on the couch.


Snow days are the best.




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  1. It started hailing here, but that’s the most it’s done. I’m curious to see if it does anymore.

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