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Getting To Know You: Kelsey

Kelsey should have been a pixie. Or a fairy. Or a Disney princess. My first memory of Kelsey is our first day of school in choir and she was wearing the coolest combat boots. The second memory I have is of her kicking off her heels in choir because she couldn’t stand in them for… Read more »

Getting To Know You: Bailey

A little over a year ago Kait, our friend Robert and I accompanied our choir director to a local private school to observe their choir rehearsal for our choral conducting class. In that rehearsal sat my now friend Bailey. Last August he started school at UT Tyler and joined the choir. I was “graduated” by… Read more »

Getting To Know You: Candice

It’s totally possible for this picture to be this entire post of getting to know my friend Candice. This picture embodies her personality completely. Giddy and bubbly and sweet to her very core. One of my first memories of Candice is how well she can pinpoint someone’s personality. I remember sitting in the lobby at… Read more »

Getting To Know You: Kait

I first met Kait my second year at our local junior college. I was a few months away from being married, didn’t have a lot of friends, and was really focused on being the good kid. I was quiet, only making jokes in the awkward moments or during the ruckus. I remember there being new… Read more »

Getting To Know You: Brittney

I first met Brittney during my second year at UT Tyler, the fall of 2012. She was in the band and friends with one of my very good friends, Randa. I had seen her and knew who she was for a while but we never had an opportunity to talk or hang out. But that… Read more »