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I Might Move to Waco

Remember when a couple of weeks ago my sister found a stupid awesome apartment in Waco so we went down to sign her lease and we did a bunch of shenanigans? (Is did the right word there?) Well the last shenanigan we did (is it?) was walk through the gorgeous garden a few steps away… Read more »


If you guys don’t know, my sister Shelby has been officially accepted into the Baylor Truett Seminary! That’s kind of old news but it’s still awesome. So since she found out she’s been apartment hunting and job hunting. Last Monday I had to work, but the rest of the fam drove down to Waco for… Read more »


Sometimes you just need to remind yourself how good it is to be home. To have a home and a family. So to remind myself of this I’ve been taking more pictures inside our house. My favorite places are our backyard and my room. Even though Shel and I share this room and most of… Read more »

Sister Style: Short Shorts

A lot of the times when I take outfit pictures my youngest sister Rudy is around and forces me to take her pictures, too. So I do. Because I’m a good sister.   #derp.   Love ya, Ruby! 😉   xx

We Took Our Gal Pal to the Park

Over spring break, we got a little antsy sitting around at home even though it was so.nice. Pepper loved having everyone home so we decided to take her to the park. She had an absolute blast and so did we! The scenery was just gorgeous. After a few hours at the park and snapping my… Read more »

Our Backyard

Since my sister was throwing her birthday party outside in our backyard, our parents bought a fancy new firepit. It poured rain the night of her party but we’ve been out by it several times since then making very good use of it. There’s something magical about sitting around a fire for hours. It’s like… Read more »