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Infinity Jars x YDM

Back in December, yes, December, Infinity Jars reached out to me to collaborate on a post. I always feel super cool when brands reach out to me like that without any prompting from my end. Makes me feel like a legit blogger! Infinity Jars boast that they have “the most powerful glass ever created,” and… Read more »

D*EYE*Y Painted Statement Wall

Since painting my entire apartment white, I’ve been craving more statements. I love the consistent white throughout the space. Everything is so much brighter and cleaner! But as hard as I tried to keep everything minimal, I just couldn’t. I needed a punch on a wall somewhere! SPOILER ALERT: I put a lot of punches in a… Read more »

My DIY Mid Century Coffee Table for Under $60

I am SO EXCITED about this post! I haven’t posted a DIY in probably years so I decided to make it a big one! On a whim several weeks ago I sold my coffee table on Craigslist. It sold in less than 36 hours so I knew my brain was cooking up a scheme. I… Read more »

How To Spray Paint in an Apartment

Look, we DIYers love that spray paint. I’m a huge fan of the flat matte by Valspar, especially their black and white. Yum. But living in an apartment limits the projects I can do. Like, staining a medium to large piece of furniture or dying fabric in a washer. (I share a half-size stacked washer… Read more »

DIY: How To Fix a Bleached Shirt

Working in a daycare means using bleach. A lot. Using bleach means possibly getting it on your clothes. Possibly getting it on your clothes means that cool new shirt you bought is now ruined. This has happened to me approximately four times. Thankfully it has happened with shirts that can be saved, except for this… Read more »

Beauty Tuesday: Hot Pink and Black Flick Tutorial

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Today I’m bringing you my first tutorial. 🙂 I’m using all (except for one!) drugstore/inexpensive products that are longwearing and natural with a little kick. 😉 Keep reading to see how to get the look! STEP ONE: This product isn’t shown, but I used a sample I had of the Maybelline… Read more »