Outfit Outtakes: Derp Edition

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t look her best. It’s a real shame when those moments are caught on camera. The derpiness is in full force here guys, so don’t judge. I can’t believe I’ve kept all of these. 🙂 I’ve come up with clever names for each of these and by clever I mean incredibly stupid and stupid. Yes I said stupid twice because it is stupid. Enjoy!

PS. The titles are linked to the original posts where I don’t show my derp.


“Not Ready For The Shot”

DSC_5369“Shut Up I’m Scratching My Leg”

DSC_6308“I’m Smiling Through My Annoyance At Your Inability To Stop Shooting When I’m Walking Towards You”

DSC_0219“Didn’t You Hear Me?!”

DSC_7561“Oh God” AKA “The O.G. Derp”

DSC_8207“Hey, Don’t Walk Away From Me”

Trust me, there are plenty of bad ones to the good ones I post here. There are even more embarrassing ones to these… but I do have some dignity, thank you. I hope this brightened up your day and reminded you that there’s a little derp in all of us 🙂


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