Sequin Summer


cardigan: ModCloth, tee: Old Navy, shorts: Target, heels: Target, sunnies: F21

This day was absolutely gorgeous. I got out and washed my car for probably the third time since I’ve had it. Oops! 🙂 We are getting ready to sell that mug and get something smaller so if you’re in the market for an SUV… 😉

It’s hard to believe it’s already June! I haven’t been out of school that long but my poor youngest sister, Rudy, is still in school. I do not miss those days. Yikes! We celebrated her passing the STAAR test the other night. Woo! That’s Texas’ state test that students grades 6-12 have to take at the end of each year. It’s been brutal on Rudy but she did it! And we’re so proud! Go Rudy!

How’s your summer going? So far I’ve been job and apartment hunting mostly and hanging out with friends before they move away! I’ve got a small goal list for the summer number one being find a job. 😉 I’m still waiting to hear back from my top pick. Praying so hard that I get it! If you feel inclined pray that with me!

This week I’m catching up on reading and going to see The Purge on Friday! Ooooo!

Happy Tuesday!