Sunday cruising

Sunday morning I actually woke up at a decent hour after only having had 6 hours of sleep. Jason was up and I convinced him we should go and get donuts at our favorite place. This donut shop will never leave my memory. It was the place we had our first breakfast as a married couple on our way to the airport for our honeymoon. So every time we go there it always ends up being a perfect day. Sunday was no exception. After we bought $20 worth of donuts we drove downtown and found a vacant picnic table under an awning and had breakfast. Since most people were in church downtown was quiet. It was the perfect time to walk around and take pictures like I’d been wanting to do. (I still want to go back! There’s so much to be explored!) We drove around in some neighborhoods and saw some really beautiful houses. Almost beautiful enough to make me want to stay here. 😉

I love Sundays with Jason.