DIY Marathon Date Day.

HEY GUYS. Whoops, sorry. I mean, hey guys. So Friday we had Little Bit scheduled to finally be spayed. (HALLELUJAH no more of that flippin’ crying all the time!) We had to check her in an hour away, though everything is an hour away from Laneville, at 8am. Yikes. Since it didn’t seem smart to drive two extra hours back home then back to town, we decided to make an entire day of it. We called it Marathon Date Day!

So here’s what we did and how to recreate it. (Cat optional.)

7:08-7:30: Drive.
7:30-7:40: Watch a hot air balloon race and ask Jason stupid questions. Suggestions: How do hot air balloons land? Why is fire hot?
7:40-8: Drive some more.
8:00: Drop LB off at the clinic and try not to cry.
8:30-9: Errands. (Optional, unless you are an adult. In which case, do your errands.)
9-10:30: Cave to gluttony with carb cakes! (Success!)
10:30-11: Coffee! (Overpriced Starbucks/awkward self-portrait optional.)
11-3:30: Shoppity, shop shop in the form of Target (be sure to find a friend and complain about how much your feet hurt but smile so your husband knows you’re having fun with him), Best Buy, Target again, and Kohl’s. If possible, follow your husband into the dressing room to watch him try on sports paraphernalia.
(Insert a ridiculous heat wave and me dying from it and then coming back to life here.)
3:30-4:30: Lunch at the best Mexican food restaurant ever, El Sombrero. (Not optional.) Here, I chose to become a ravenous monster and chew Jason’s head off when I became hungry. This part is certainly optional.
4:45: Pick up LB and head ouuuut. (But get your own cat. She’s mine.)

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