Awkward and Awesome


-We’re only a week and two days away from our surprise. 🙂
-Getting something shipped here to house our surprise!
-We are scheduled to finally get DirecTV back on August 2! Woo Olympics! Also Golden Girls.
-Friday is dedicated to a marathon day date. YES.
-I finally unpacked my suitcase from our vacation two weeks ago.
-Getting lots of things squared away on the phone yesterday with too many customer service reps. But as least they were helpful!
-Netflix has season four of Breaking Bad now! Goodbye, evenings.
-Planning next year’s vacations. Oh. Man. Next year is looking goooooood.


-Jason was on the phone with DirecTV for over two and a half hours yesterday. Not one person called him ‘sir.’
-When he corrected the first person, she just giggled (probably because she didn’t hear a word he said) and kept calling him ‘ma’am.’
-Being put on hold three separate times because apparently no one at DirecTV knows what an average is.
-All of my flowers are either dead or dying. The only thing I can keep alive are cacti.
Bloglovin‘s new layout. It’s freaking me out.
-The cats playing with the thing we got to house our surprise. They can’t figure it out!

Hope you guys are having a great week!