A Gif for Little Bit

dress: Old Navy, cardigan: thrifted, belt: Old Navy, shoes: Buffalo Exchange

So all I had to do Thursday was sing one song in our studio class (a performing class when all the voice students in a particular studio come together and sing for each other) and take a vocabulary quiz in my vocal pedagogy class. Our teacher surprised us by only keeping us 20 minutes of the full hour in class! Woohoo!

It was raining all day yesterday and will continue to storm throughout the weekend. Too bad I’ll be beaching it up next week. 🙂 So when I came home there weren’t a lot of picture options so I decided the “best” spot was in my music room. These were the best ones that came out of 100+ pictures we took. Yeah. It’s an art. I’ve really been wanting to drive around and take “location” pictures. There are a lot of neat places around here! Jason’s response? “Make some money on your blog. Then I’ll go somewhere else.” Plus the fact that Jason is already embarrassed to take them because kids at school have seen him taking them of me in our yard and have said things to him, haha. Like, “I saw you taking pictures of your girlfriend.” HA! Plus, it’s not necessarily his favorite thing to do, believe it or not.

ANYWAY, when we were taking these, I sat on my desk in front the window and LB decided she wanted to get in on some photog action. Here’s a little .gif I made of her…

Isn’t she adorable?

In some sad news, the family cat, Pippin, died yesterday afternoon after his health suddenly took a turn for the worst. That cat was my dad’s world. They were buddies! He was the craziest, toughest, sweetest cat you’d have ever met. He protected the girl kitties from being beat up by bigger boy cats and paid heavily for it with the cat version of cauliflower ears and cuts and bruises. But he survived all of them! We are glad, though, that dad was able to be home with him before he died. If you think about it, even though it might seem a little silly, just pray for our family! Thanks, guys.

Hope your spring break is great! Happy weekend!