These Are My Thoughts

I made a vow to myself to exercise and eat breakfast every day this week. So far so good… but it’s only Monday. I figured I’d challenge myself and see what I could do before spring break when WE GO TO FLORIDA. SO. DANG. EXCITED!! If it’s anything like last summer I’ll never want to leave! Family, sand, and margaritas here I come…

I’m currently working on an extremely long music history review for a test Wednesday. I love the teacher but preparing for the tests is a week long activity. Yeeesh. I have a lot to do tonight and tomorrow. Blahhhhhh…

I’m long overdue for a leg shavin’.

Jason has a love/hate relationship with video games. I’ve recently learned about him that he will fall in love with something for a couple of weeks then kind of fall back out of love with it. That is what is happening with this game Borderlands. I think I got it for him for Christmas or something one year? Well, since we cancelled cable we’re finding all kinds of stuff to do. Hence the recent love affair with this game. He’s currently playing it like he has been for several hours. I took a nap, ate dinner, worked on some homework, and worked out. Meanwhile, the scathes and spiders attack him while he tries to find corroded crystals.

I haven’t really seen our cats in three days. Friday I was at my sister’s concert, and I stayed the night at my parents that night so I was gone all day Saturday. Sunday we went grocery shopping and were out for several hours. I think Little Bit hates me.

Speaking of Saturday. THE most amazing thing happened to us. So I spent the night at my parent’s right? (Because Texas A&M Commerce is about 2 hours away and we left early to eat with my sister before the concert and the -AMAZING- concert was 2.5 hours long! 2 hours back=1:20 am.) The next day we were all lounging around when my Mimi calls my mom. They had bought new couches and were GIVING my parents their practically new leather ones! WHAAAAAAT?! So guess who inherited my parent’s 2 year old couches?! UH, HELLO. WE CAN BOTH FIT ON THE COUCH NOW! We’ve gone from futon, to a couch from the home-ec room with a dead black widow in it, to new FREE couch and loveseat! Our living room actually looks like a living room now. Thank you to my dad, mom, Mimi, and Pawpaw for moving things and giving things away! We LOVE you guys!