What We’ve Been Up To

My incredibly lucky sister got to go to NYC this week and skip school. Texas A&M-Commerce’s choir got invited to sing at Carnegie Hall! How AMAZING is that?! She kept sending me pictures all week and these were my favorites.
-View from her hotel at night
-The FOUR STORY Forever21.
-Central Park

It’s been a pretty lazy week, despite my monstrous music history test I had to study for. (I think I did alright! Here’s to hoping for a B…)
-LB has discovered the sink.
-The COOLEST decal I saw parked next to me Wednesday. LOST fans? Anyone?
-A favorite picture my sister took of us.
-The Blue Man Group was playing at the Cowan center (the big auditorium at UT) and they’re “stuff” was sitting in the hallway beside my voice lesson. Crazy cool.
-Just saw this on our A/C temp controller yesterday. If you’ve been in a choir you know who this guy is. If not, google him!
-Homemade calzones. 🙂
-Our new couches on the trailer.
-The best place to eat near us!
-Picking up some books at the library.

All I did yesterday was workout (every day this week so far!), do all the dishes from this shin-dig (finally–embarrassing), laundry, and listen to the Civil Wars on Grooveshark. A very productive day I’d say. 🙂

How was your week?

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