It’s Late…r

Sorry for the “late” post. I got home later than usual for a Tuesday and have been relaxing in our very old leather chair by the window while rain pours down. It’d be lovelier if my head wasn’t hurting and wasn’t feeling feverish and had a looming performance tomorrow morning.

Hubs and I have put off grocery shopping for two days. I guess we’ll eat eventually. 🙂

I don’t really have anything important to post about and since I’m not up on my “outfit posts” I don’t have a stockpile of them to post when I don’t get dressed. But I actually did get dressed today and really wanted to take pictures of it but forgot when I was home before Jason. Oh well.

So instead of boring you with real life things, I’ll fill you in on what some of my goals are for this year.

I’ve never been one for New Year (why do people capitalize that?) resolutions. Why do I want to hype myself up to do something when I know I’m not going to do it? I’d rather ease my way into something and do it the right way. Like eating better, exercising daily again, and taking my schooling more seriously.

What am I doing to achieve those things, you ask? Well, a month ago I started the Couch to 5k program and so far I’ve done two days of it. No judging. At least now I have the desire to do it. I wouldn’t even have to if these stupid artificial hormones wouldn’t make me gain 20 pounds in two months. Geez.

As far as eating better… I eat vegetables… more than I used to. Before I got married I had this vision of me cooking healthy foods all the time and eating snacks and running with Jason. In real life it’s I-cook-whatever-I-want-and-have-no-motivation-to-run-anymore-because-I-already-got-married. Boom.

Taking my schooling more seriously hasn’t morphed into an action yet, but more of a desire. I think about practicing more but I really just don’t. I still wait until the night before to do all of my theory homework and to do all of my practicing. Bad habit? Yes. Oops. UT Tyler didn’t know what they were asking to come be a part of their school, did they?

Here. Look at this. I’ll be back tomorrow with *hopefully* a post with more pictures. But probably not.