Be Our Friends

I wish our living room looked like this.

SO excited. My solid black sequin jacket came in from Modcloth today. Wooohoooo! On to the post.

Ever since about sophomore year in high school I’ve been without some solid friends. I had a group of friends that I had an absolute BLAST with through the rest of my high school “career”, (is it really a career? I mean come on. I didn’t get paid. Isn’t that the definition of career?) but I never had friends I could connect with spiritually and could feel comfortable enough to even talk about that stuff with. We hung out a lot outside of school which was awesome but it was still shallow.

Since being married, Jason and I have shared the same desire: to acquire married friends with whom (ooo la la. I used whom!) we can connect. Same humor, same desires, same hobbies, etc. You know, friends. Jason met a new guy at one of his ultimate frisbee games and we had dinner at their house Saturday night. And I have to say, I had a good time. We played XBOX Kinect for like three hours. (That game’ll make you sweaty, btw.) They grilled delish chicken and veggies. I tried to recreate last night but without squash, it just wasn’t the same. Sigh.

I just wish I had a group of girlfriends I could go shopping with. Friends who had my same budget. Read: cheap. (Speaking of money, are those people on JG Wentworth really singing opera? It’s kind of impressive.) Girls who actually like Golden Girls and baking and consuming chocolate of extreme, massive, humongous, proportions.

(At least my sisters are spending this weekend with me! I can’t wait to cook for them and watch movies. Woohoo! I’m really excited.)

So, if you’d like to apply to be our brand spankin’ new best friends, fill out the form below. 🙂

Favorite Foods:
Favorite Shows:

PS. What’s with this new Easter movie? It looks like a lot of junk to me. A bunny that poops jelly beans? Really? Do something original and something that’s ACTUALLY FUNNY. THERE’S an idea! That pretty much goes for any movie that’s absolutely silly. ie: What Happens in Vegas… uhhhh…. and any other movie that is dumb. Uh. Bye.