Awkward and Awesome

It’s Thursday! As my sister so eloquently put it: “The leading tone to Friday”. (Such a musician.) And (I hope) you know what that means. It’s awkward and awesome day! Weeeee. Let’s begin.



-I. RAN. Today. I ran! For 30 minutes. I’m using the Couch to 5k app. I did the first day over a month ago. But hey, I did it right?
-The weather is cool out today. It was nice walking back to the house in it from a gym with no A/C.
-I shaved my legs today. You’re welcome.
-Spent time with my mommy! (This seems to be a trend on Thursdays, doesn’t it?)
-Hubs finally got new basketball shoes! Thanks bro-in-law Josh!


-I ran today. It hurt, okay? (This is under awful. Duh.)
-Everyone asking me if I’m pregnant because I stayed home sick two days this week. Hello!?
-Basketball commentators in March Madness using really awkward explanations of plays.
-Awkward is hard to type.