Awkward and Awesome

(this is a humongous picture from my bridals of my Milkpod Studiobouquet. That’s my MawMaw’s ring hanging from it. 🙂 PS. That dress is for sale!)

I have been looking forward to this day all week. No class till noon, hanging out with my mom, and my sisters are staying with me this weekend.

April Fools.

My friend, Kait, texted me a little after 9 telling me that my 9 am class wasn’t cancelled like we all thought it was. I pulled up to the church where my mom works and her and my dad were with a group of kids waiting to leave to go to Dallas for Passion. Didn’t get to hang with her. Oh, and I lost my W-2. But my sisters are still staying with me!

Worst April Fools. Except it wasn’t a joke. It was totally for real. Blahhhh.

I’m currently hanging alone at my parents’ house until it’s time to pick up my little sister from school and then head out to my house. Husband tried hunting for my poor lost W-2 but to no avail. I kept it in my “Important Things” drawer but when I went to get it from the top of the drawer, it was gone. I’m panicking. Taxes are due ASAP and I’ve stupidly misplaced the one form I need.

Sadly, I’ll only get back like $20. It’s almost useless. But who wants to get attacked by the IRS?! Sheesh.

BUT! Today is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. You might be saying, “Uh, duh”, but I missed awkward/awesome day. So I’m proclaiming that today, momentarily, become awkward and awesome Thu–err, Friday!


-Said text message from said friend saying my class wasn’t cancelled.
-Losing my W-2. That really isn’t awkward. It’s more like.. awful.
-While hanging up my clothes that have been lying in our bedroom floor for a week, I discovered a wet present Toonces left me. All. Over. My. Clean. Clothes. That’s more like awful, too.


-Cleaning up the house a lot this morning before my  supposed only class today. I felt so accomplished.
-Not having an online quiz this week for world lit!
-Feeling pretty good about my intense music theory test on Thursday.
-Doing well in my ear training course on Wednesday. Without studying.
-This weekend!

Hoping your Friday has gone better so far for you,