Countdown to Change

Of course you know, this is my first blog in a long time. It’s been purposeful and accidental. Purposeful because I’ve had nothing to blog about. Nothing that was necessary to post, anyway. Accidental because I’m 8 days away from becoming Mrs. Rich. But, I figured, it was about time.

Two years ago if you’d have told me I’d be getting married, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. My life looked a lot different. I was in a horrible relationship with someone who didn’t know me, didn’t respect me, and didn’t love me for me. When I saw Jason across the church visiting, something in my heart told me he was the one I would marry. I’d never met him, never seen him. I had no idea who he was. It wasn’t until several months later that I’d meet Jason Dale Rich at Brother Bruce’s “Round Table” bible study. Shamelessly, I’d hope and hope he’d show up every Monday at 8 to the bible study. When he didn’t, my heart sank a little. Every time I heard that screen door creak open my heart leapt with joy. Three or four months after I smartened up and split that relationship I mentioned earlier, Jason innocently asked me to go with him to a concert his brother was performing in. I was heartbroken when I realized I couldn’t go. I thought he’d never ask me to anything again! But when he politely understood, I was ecstatic. A few weeks later he asked me out for burgers and a movie. That night he kissed me. The next day when I told my parents I knew I was going to marry him, they couldn’t hide their sheepish grins. They knew, and I knew. And I was happy. I later found out that Jason knew that night too.

Fast-forward through movies, dinners, family outings, shopping trips, and Dallas rendezvous. On October 3, 2009 Jason had gathered all of our families and got down on one knee and handed me the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and asked me to marry him. And more than a year later, here we are. Eight days away from changing our lives. From becoming one flesh for the rest of our lives.

Wednesday night we had mandatory pre-marital counseling with our family minister and financial minister. They were encouraged by our love for each other and we were encouraged by their wisdom and their willingness to pour it into our blossoming lives.

God created marriage. Man did not invent this. It’s a covenant before God. Too often humans make the mistake of twisting and making marriage what they want it. The divorce rate is high. (When is it not?) When things get hard, sometimes people give up. And to be honest, Jason and I are scared and intimidated. But we’re also excited as heck to start this new and EXCITING chapter in our lives! I become his and he becomes mine. Forever.

God uses marriage as is crucible. He burns out the impurities in the one by making them one. In our dating life, Jason and I have already experienced this. We’ve learned how to argue and fight. For the first time, for both of us, we can argue with our partner and come out better for it. We learn how to communicate better by learning what to do and not to do in a fight. We believe that’s God working in our relationship to better our lives and make us holier by glorifying God.

These next 8 days will be anxiety filled, task oriented, and full of love basking. If we could ask all of you to be praying for us. Pray for our day to run smoothly, for God’s will to be accomplished on that day, and in our new life together. Pray for safe travels for family and for us on our honeymoon to Colorado. Pray.

Thank you, and we love all of you!

Melody (and Jason).

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  1. Hi, Melody–
    What an exciting time for you & Jason. Knowing that every couple lives “happily ever after” ONLY if they continue to work at the relationship, I’d like to invite you to a marriage retreat Mark & I will be doing in Comfort the end of January. You’ll probably be in school, though, so let me encourage you to find something every year that nourishes your relationship. After almost 31 years, Mark & I are the best of friends, and are so grateful to be at a place where we can stand back and know that we’ve done a good job raising our kids, honoring God with that incredible task.
    Praying as you requested, and looking forward to meeting your sweetie 🙂
    love, Kathy

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