About a week ago our grandfather (pawpaw) had a heart attack. He had chest pain and numbness in his arm so our grandmother (mimi) took him to the hospital. They did a stress test. He failed. They knew there was some blockage but didn’t know how much. So, Thursday they scheduled a procedure to enter stints into his heart arteries. Worst case scenario they would have to do bypass surgery.

A wad of family members were waiting in the waiting room. When a very handsome surgeon walked in, he said, “Well, we’re all finished.” Swinging out a child’s chair he continued, “Bad news is, he’s going to need bypass surgery.” We all heaved a sigh. Mimi leaned back in her chair while her eyes closed and her hand flew up. He explained that he had tow arteries that were 90% blocked and another that was about 60% blocked off. What we all find strange is that he didn’t have any symptoms. No cholesterol issues, no blood pressure problems. The surgeon also said that if he had had a heart attack in another chamber of his heart, he wouldn’t have survived.

So, tell me. Did my God protect my grandfather from sudden death by allowing him the smallest of heart attacks? Did my God allow the skilled surgeons to safely find those blocked arteries? Did my God give my grandfather the strength to walk circles around all the nurses a few hours after that procedure? YES.

Now, unfortunately, my pawpaw is having quadruple bypass surgery at 7AM tomorrow morning. Will our God allow my sweet pawpaw to safely make it through this surgery? We’re praying and believing so.

So here’s my Public Service Announcement. No matter how healthy you think you are, you should always be sure to get checked for heart health. 🙂

PS. Please be praying for safety and a peace to be lain on our family tomorrow morning and for a swift recovery! If you know my pawpaw, he’s ready to get moving. (Having to lie down for 4 hours at a time is not him!)

Thanks, y’all 🙂