(Yes, I’m still awake. Yikes!)

Ever had a revelation watching TLC? (A Baby Story doesn’t count!) What about Miami Ink? Yeah… that’s what I thought!

When one of my cop shows ended Miami Ink came on. I just kind of got stuck watching it. 😛 Anyway, one of the tattoo artists was explaining his “life philosophy”. Wanna guess what it was? The Golden Rule.. In that moment, I realized just how empty that life must be. Where’s the joy? Where’s the true love from a Heavenly Father? Where’s the fulfilled void? Where’s the mercy and healing and overwhelming forgiveness in a life like that? I saw a tiny glimpse of what that life must be like. You live the best you can-to your knowledge- you get married maybe, pop out a couple kids, then you die.

What do you live for when you have nothing to live for?

My heart breaks for those people! Those wandering souls searching for something to latch onto.. Where do they find comfort? I can’t imagine not having anyone to turn to after I’ve exhausted all of my earthly resources.

Maybe it’s because I was saved at an early age or was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. It’s hard for me to grasp that life. Really makes me think twice when I have an opportunity to minister to someone…