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Sister Style: Something Might Be In Those Woods

*killing it* For Easter weekend I went home and spent a few days with my family. I forced Rudy to take my photos and in return shot hers, too. 10/10 not a fan of those woods. She kept turning around to see if anything was behind her. Classic. See? And she says she loves horror… Read more »

Sister Style: Those Deep Ellum Walls

Remember when I wore a crop top? Well we all three accidentally wore crop tops that day. And since we looked crazy hot and couldn’t just waste that outfit on brunch, we went to Deep Ellum to shoot in front of those insanely colorful and beautiful wall murals. Nevermind the trash in the background. They were… Read more »

Sister Style: Happy Birthday, Rudy!

17. SEVEN.TEEN. SEVENTEEN. Honestly I can’t believe it. Seventeen years ago today Ruby Rudy Meredith was born. All throughout mom’s pregnancy I had my fingers crossed for a baby brother. We even nicknamed it Bean Boy. I still remember sitting in that dark ultrasound room when the technician told us it was a girl and feeling… Read more »

Sister Style: Arkansas Shots

  I feel like every time my sister and I get together we end up taking photos of each other. Me, for the blog, her because I want to shoot her. It’s fun to play photographer and art director for twenty minutes and tell her what to do. Plus, redheads in the woods are probably… Read more »

Sister Style: In The Yard

Rudy is becoming quite the fashionista. But I like to think it’s because most of her clothes used to be my clothes and my clothes are fashionable by nature ergo she’s a fashionista. Here’s Rudy in some of my old clothes being fashionable.   Someone please explain to me when Rudy became a teenager. Because… Read more »

Sister Style: Short Shorts

A lot of the times when I take outfit pictures my youngest sister Rudy is around and forces me to take her pictures, too. So I do. Because I’m a good sister.   #derp.   Love ya, Ruby! 😉   xx