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#YDM Goes Natural: The End of Whole30

After nearly a month since its ending, I’m finally writing about my Whole 30 experience! (This has truly been the longest month of my life.)  Whole 30, if you don’t know, is a 30 day program designed to revert your body to relying solely on a caveman’s diet essentially. You’re not allowed dairy, sugar, alcohol or… Read more »

#YDMGoesNatural: Whole30 Update

Well, we’re about halfway done with Whole 30 and despite some very minor setbacks, I’m doing great! I wanted to give an update on what I’m eating, how I’m making it work, and my thoughts so far. SETBACKS At Chuy’s for lunch one Sunday, I’d had a coldbrew coffee for breakfast (bad idea, already starving)… Read more »

I Won Tickets to a Beer + Donut Pairing

  Donuts and beer. Who is the genius that thought this one up? Oh, it’s the folks over at Luck in Trinity Groves. (Dallas is so cool. I love it here.) The donut and beer pairing is a monthly event that features DIFFERENT DONUTS EVERY TIME. Where do the donuts come from? Only my favorite… Read more »

Dallas Bucket List: Method Coffee

HOORAY! FINALLY after months of hearing about this place and Cait raving about their flavored lattes, I visited Method. Cait and I have a biweekly (early) morning coffee date and until now have frequented the hot-dude magnet coffee shop Houndstooth in Knox/Henderson. (Seriously. Go there on a Wednesday morning. Literally DOZENS of hot dudes hanging… Read more »

Ina Garten’s Chocolate Globs

Winter took our little town by surprise a few weeks ago and threw sleet and snow all over the ground. A huge pink glob was hovering over us on the radar with no end in sight. Our power was fine all afternoon and then wham! Shut off. It surged a couple times before giving up… Read more »