Today Was Hard

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Today was one of those days. You know the kind; it tests your patience and pushes you to your absolute limit and then nudges you over it all the while laughing manically and stealing all the chocolate.
It started decent. And not the kind of good decent where you can tell that the day will be alright but the kind of decent where your boss spills a whole glass of milk as soon as you walk in the door. We’ve recently stopped putting all the kids down for a morning nap which has made them…a little crazy. Times ten babies? That could rattle even the strongest person’s patience. I ended up staring blankly at the wall by the end of the day looking, I’m sure, as crazy as any of the parents have ever seen me.

I was so drained by the time I got home I walked right into the shower. The water felt so good I cried. For no reason. Cried. (Quick! Hot guy coming! Hide the girl crazy!) (Just kidding dudes, that totally doesn’t happen.) The hot water washed over me while I tried to figure out why I was crying. Sure, the five hours of sleep I had last night might’ve had something to do with it. Or the ten hour day I just had pacifying ten sleepy and teething babies that just wanted to be held. Or my dwindling stash of chocolate. Or because my Forever21 order isn’t in yet. Or because I spent too much money at Target last night.

I stepped out of the shower clean and revived. I sit here now watching the Scrubs episode where Carla has her baby for the millionth time and eating all the chocolate I bought yesterday¬†(thank God) and trying to get Pepper to snuggle. She’s not having it. I feel better. Still might have a drink, later.

You ever have days like this? Can we all just curl up in bed and have a sleepover and only eat popcorn and chocolate and watch Netflix? And now I know what I’m having for dinner.


Here’s to a better tomorrow.





How many times did I mention chocolate in this post?

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