My life is crazy.

First of all, hi. I’ve felt disconnected from you! I’ve missed you. Take me back? That’s sweet of you. Let me catch you up…

Last week was crazy. Crazy like waiting for five packages to come in that I’ve been looking forward to for months. Crazy like my power cord being chewed through and my laptop completely dying in the middle of me transferring 14,000 pictures to my external harddrive. Crazy like waiting five days for a new power cord. Crazy like me starting my senior year of college! Crazy like only getting five hours of sleep Sunday night. Crazy like losing patience often.

BUT! My new cord came in, I’m completely in love with my new camera and lens, and my first day back to school was a success. Want to meet my camera?

Ain’t she purdy? Nikon D7000. Life made.

Well! I’ll be blogging (hopefully) tons this week since I’m back on a semi schedule! I only have class three days a week! But right now I’m going to conk out… zzz