My life is crazy. Part Two.

Wow. This week has been crazy. Four outfits and not a single picture. Tomorrow I’m off to Commerce with the family to help my sister move into her dormpartment, which you can read about here how God fit things together for her! I’m really hoping to get those outfits posted up here next week, but I also thought that at the beginning of this week so we’ll see how this weekend goes. In other news, my entire harddrive was completely full so I transferred about 14,000 pictures to my external one and then 34 GB of music over as well. I tried uploading about 300 pictures from my camera but my version of iPhoto won’t read raw files. Flarp. So now I have tons of pictures of Pepper but can’t figure out how to get them on my computer! (Anyone know of any free programs that’ll read raw files?) Because of this, I tried to update my OS so I could update iPhoto, but since my OS is such an old version I have to buy two new OSs. But, since Apple is so mighty, I can’t just download the middleman OS for $20 from their site anymore. Oh no. I have to buy the disc from Amazon for $100 and THEN buy the newest OS from Apple for $20. Uh. No thank you. So if anyone has a Snow Leopard OS disc laying around… ahem… I’m here.

Also, I haven’t seen my husband all week. The school he works at starts back up on Monday and he has been working, literally, like a dog every day this week. Going in very early, staying really late… Plus on Mondays he leaves soon after he gets home for ultimate frisbee. That coupled with late nights for him and school for me means we are both beat and really fried by the time we actually see each other again. Which is usually as we’re getting into bed. We were hoping for a date night tonight but we both fell asleep when we got home. Then the stress of my tuition cost got to us and we’re just real… tired. So if you would, pray for us to get some alone time and give each other a break!

Thanks for still visiting here even though there hasn’t been any new content in a few days! I promise once I am rested up and refreshed after a weekend with family I’ll get back to this old blog!

2 thoughts on “My life is crazy. Part Two.

  1. Being married to a school IT guy is not much fun this time of year! It’s not fun when everyone assumes you’ll help them with their the stuff or get them moved up on the waiting list just because you’re an IT guy’s wife either! 🙂

    1. Oh my!! That’s crazy. People think that Jason will work on the weekends because we live across the street from the school. Oh yeah, I forgot. We must not be allowed to have lives!

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