Awkward and Awesome!

my pretty porch flowers and window sill succulents. 🙂


-Answering the door without a bra on and not being able to ignore the knock because the door is open and they can see the TV on.
-Getting stalked.
-Watering the plants in Jason’s shoes because it’s too far to walk to the bedroom to get my own.
-Having the worst case of chaffing ever and being handed Preparation H by my mom to “help with the burning.” Thanks, mom.
-Not showering for days because I’m a grown woman and can do what I want. So there. (Don’t worry. I showered today.)
-Did I mention my sister and I were stalked? I mean, really, that’s about as awkward as it gets.


-My mom cutting my bangs for me. 🙂
-Spongebob is on Netflix. Duh.
-Homemade pizza! Possibly the best thing ever. Besides my mom’s homemade pizza. Oh, yum.
-Spending the night with my mom and sister and staying up way too late laughing deliriously. The best.
Upgrading to Jason’s 3Gs from my 3G. It’s like I’ve been living in a really….slow moving bubble. (I’m terrible with analogies.) I can’t imagine what the 5 is going to be like! Eeek!
-Saving money. Lots of it.
-The school gym is finally getting air conditioning. Hello, indoor running!
-Dreaming of moving out of crazy town and buying a place we choose. Ahh… someday.