DIY Geometric Magnets

I bought some molding clay several months ago with the intentions of making geometric jewelry, but since I haven’t bought any ring or earring blanks I needed to make something else! For Christmas I asked my parents for craft things. Paintbrushes, craft paint, a hot glue gun, sketch pad and pencils… Getting married and moving out for the first time away from my parents I had none of that stuff. It was weird. Any time I wanted to paint my nails I had to go to the store and buy the colors I wanted since my sisters and I shared them all. BUT! I digress. This is the first “craft” (but not DIY!) on the blog and I’m really excited!


-baking clay
-craft paint
-small paintbrush
-sharp perry knife or a flexible polyblade/clay blade
-hot glue gun
-small round magnets


Cut off a small to medium sized piece of clay. Round it in your hands. You want the ball a little bigger than the magnet. Cut it in half or flatten one side to be glued on the magnet.

Use the perry knife to cut geometric angles on to the clay.

Bake it according to the packages instructions.


Pick some colors! Paint each facet a different color or stick with a solid. Let it dry.


While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, plug in that glue gun. Pump a dot of glue on the flat side of your shape. Firmly press the magnet on the glue. Let it dry.

Ta-da! Enjoy your geometric magnets. 🙂

illustrations above by Charlotte Taylor Creates

And these don’t have to just be magnets! Once dry, you could drill a small hole to make beads (or just poke a hole before baking with a needle), glue onto a ring for a trendy geo accessory, or glue them on to earring blanks! The possibilities are limitless.

Psst! This post is part of my Summer Intentions! Read the rest of them here.

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