At the Risk of Looking Like an Idiot…

I posted that link on Facebook yesterday in a bit of frustration with… well, with a lot of things. Watch it (and read the comments) and then come back, okay?

Watched it? Good.

Remember that part about the financial aspect of churches? Remember when that lady said there should be some give and take if you tithe? Remember my face getting tomato red when I heard that?

I paused the video, backed it up, shrieked, and played it again. I could not believe my ears, you guys. One doesn’t tithe to a church to expect something in return, other than for that money to do God’s work. One tithes because it is commanded of them.

We, as Christians, love because we are called to love. Even if you aren’t a Christian, normally one doesn’t do something nice to expect something in return. That kind of takes away from the genuineness of the nice act, doesn’t it? Unless you believe in karma, which is a whole other can of worms. Yikes.

Remember when that lady said “contemporary”* music isn’t reverent? Remember when I busted a blood vessel? Me too.

If you’ve ever been to a Passion conference, I bet you no one there would describe what goes on as irreverent. Now, I’m not knocking organs, hymns, or anything that isn’t “contemporary”* music. Half of the choir concerts I’ve performed in use strictly organ. It’s a gorgeous instrument. But, you guys, it isn’t the only instrument.

I guess my question is, when did Christians become so dang judgmental? When did we start judging the way another Christian worships? When did we begin to say that using drums in church is irreverent or unhealthy? I’d love to get your thoughts on that video and what I’ve said. I’m not the wisest person so I’d love your input.

I guess my challenge would be, for you and me, to catch ourselves when we start to judge someone for how their church service is formatted. (Actually, let’s catch ourselves when we begin to judge someone period.) Church isn’t about the format. Let’s get back to the root.


(Congrats, you made it all the way down! Sorry for the abrupt shift in content, hah. I just got pretty upset with that news story and felt like something should be said. Even if my voice is small.)

*(Oh, and I put that asterisk because I don’t really care for that word contemporary in reference to worship music.)