It Really Happened!

cardigan: F21, shirt: Hanes, necklace: F21 (similar), jeans: Target via Goodwill (similar), shoes: F21, glasses: Rue21 (similar)

This weekend I managed to organize my entire closet and finally put away all my winter stuff. Whew! The cats were no help. Toonces laid right in the middle of all of my clothes while I worked around him. Then when I was changing the sheets he’d move for a second then jump right back on the bed. Ridiculous.

In some cooler news, (don’t remember if I’ve blogged about it before?) I got an email in February from a graphic designer working for the Christian bookstore Mardel’s. He wanted to use a picture from this post for the release of the Passion 2012 CD. I was flabbergasted! Nothing this cool had ever happened to me before. He said I wouldn’t be able to show anyone the picture, especially on my blog, until the release date March 13. We were in Florida during that week and since then haven’t been near a Mardel’s to see if my picture was there.
A few days ago my old youth pastor called me and left a voicemail saying he thought he was looking at my picture and that he was going to call my mom and ask her. My parents went to the same store on Saturday and sent me this picture:

I couldn’t believe it! That’s my picture! Nick, the graphic designer, somehow found me and liked it enough to use it for the release of the CD nationwide. How crazy awesome is that!? They told my youth pastor that if I brought in the email confirming it was my picture they’d give it to me when they were done with it. EEEE! 🙂

So if you see this in a store near you, take a picture of it and show me!