Saturday Stylings: We Might Be On the News

shirt: Target, skirt: Old Navy, sandals: Buffalo Exchange, necklace: Rue21

On a lighter note…I might’ve been on the news last night, but I don’t know since we don’t have cable. Lemme ‘splain.

Laneville is suuper small and all they have is a basketball team. A really good basketball team. Like, state champs for three years really good. They go to the playoffs every year and this year was no exception. There was a game yesterday morning so, naturally, they cancelled school. Jason left way early and rode the bus with the team to the game that didn’t start until 10. I got up, left for class and picked him up afterward. We had a delicious lunch at Jucy’s and since we didn’t have anywhere to be until 6 we decided to go to Best Buy and drool over my dream camera (that I’m getting for Christmas! Yay savings!) As we were walking in I saw a lady with a hefty camera walking back towards us. In my head I thought, “Cool! I wanna be on TV!” But usually when I see someone with a big camera, they never ask me anything. It must be my intimidating good looks. Anyone? Anyone? Is this thing on!?

But lo and behold she said, “Hey guys! I’m with KETK 56 and we’re doing a story on autocorrect and about whether or not you use it or even like it.” She then hoisted the camera onto her shoulder, did kind of a nod which I took to mean, “Talk, dummies,” so I did. I stammered and uhh’d and said autocorrect about 60 times while Jason stood motionless at my side. Thanks, hub. You always know when to bail me out.

The whole process took like 30 seconds from the time she approached us to when she turned the camera off. Walking away she probably thought, “Yeah, that’s trash. Where are some more people?” I thought she’d surely ask us something while the camera was actually on instead of asking us–Awkward Queen and King–to come up with something off the cuff.

So, I have no idea whether or not they aired our little gem of an interview. So if you saw a goofy looking red haired girl that desperately needs a haircut and a bearded gent on your local news Friday night, let a sista’ know so she can protest that mug.