Awesome Things

I “made up” a new hairstyle. I’ll try to get pics tomorrow.
Getting loads of compliments on my “made up” hairstyle. I really have a lot of hair.
Our Masterworks concert was Saturday night. John Rutter’s Gloria never ceases to make me cry.
Mexican food with my family and the in-laws after the concert. Lots of conversation and hot sauce with butter. Yum.
Someone is finally coming to look at one of my prom dresses for sale next week! Yay!
Hearing all of my sister’s stories about her week in NYC. I want to go back!
That sister buying me a present that I will receive tomorrow. Hooray!
Did I mention I’m going to Florida in a week?

Finally starting to make a hair appointment! Me making a hair appointment usually goes about like this:
Hair grows out way too long.
Mel gets anxious and waits forever to call and make appointment.
Mel finally calls to make appointment. Hair stylist isn’t in.
Hair stylist calls Mel back at a number that doesn’t exist because Mel doesn’t know her own home phone number.
Hair stylist is friends with Mel on Facebook. Hair stylist messages Mel and gives a callback number.
Mel calls callback number. Leaves message without another callback number.
Mel leaves Facebook message with actual home number this time.
Mel eventually gets her haircut.

And they all lived happily ever after with freshly cut hair.