Just a Regular Ol’ Tuesday

I know I said in yesterday’s post that Jason and I weren’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day, so imagine my surprise waking up to this little spread on the dining room table. Another pack of gummy Lifesavers, a giant bar of chocolate with almonds, and Spongebob. Just because. 🙂 I made him chicken quesadillas for lunch as my gift to him.

My day got even better when all of my classes were cancelled! So I cleaned the house some and headed out to Goodwill with the good intention of only buying a record to test out our new record player but ended up getting a leather vest, a black silk shirt, a leopard cardigan, and some house knick knacks. And two records. 🙂 On my way back I said what the heck and drove down a county road I’d been wanting to go down. Every time I pass this street I see this gorgeous house! Well, it’s the only house on the entire road. I kept driving only to find acres and acres of gray trees and limbs covering the ground on either side of the rough road. I came to a small bridge where apparently all the vultures hang out. When they saw me they flew up in the trees above and it was such a perfect shot I regretted leaving my camera at home. I did get this one though:

I plan on going back with Jason later so I can actually stop and take pictures. Vultures are actually really pretty birds/creatures!

Some other good news, we finally hung our antlers on the wall! My photo collage is coming together underneath as well. Just have to get color ink so print out art and fill the frames. I eventually want to paint some neat design on the antlers as well.

How was your Valentine’s Day?