Sorry Feets

cardigan: thrifted, blouse: Rue21, skirt: Target, tights: Target, booties: Target, glasses: Rue21

This week has been so weird. Not having class Tuesday along with the thunderstorms we’ve been having has skewed my schedule up! It’s been numbing, if that makes sense. It’s felt like each day has run into the next. The rain has been super relaxing and so has my easy schedule. 🙂

I picked these shoes out to wear today not thinking about having to stand for an hour and fifteen minutes for choir practice today. Yikes. My feet were just a tad numb and sore walking to my car for lunch… Sorry feets.

This outfit got quite the review from my classmates. People said I was the only one they knew that could pull stuff like this off and that if the colors were any brighter it wouldn’t work but it does because they’re pastels and that I was a walking fashion commercial. It’s weird because this is like a normal outfit to me. I guess it’s because my head is in the fashion blogging world and I don’t care how crazy an outfit is as long as I feel comfortable in it and love it.

So, thanks guys. 🙂