I Got Glasses!

shirt: Target, jacket: Old Navy, scarf: F21, jeans: Target, boots: Go Jane,
bracelet: c/o InPink, glasses: Rue21

PSYCHE. I can see fine. But don’t I look adorable?
I made these last night. I had to add my own flare to them, surprisingly. Maybe it was because I didn’t have cottage cheese and am too afraid to ever try it because my cousins always ate it and it grossed me out. So instead I used sour cream. That’s the same, right?

Uh, hello. How good is Jason getting at taking my picture? Reference that second picture. Oh, and he just walked in with gummy Lifesavers because I’ve been really wanting some. He’s the best. 🙂

Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine’s Day! Jason and I both forgot about it and didn’t budget to do anything so we’re waiting until after tomorrow when everything is on sale and getting a buttload of candy. I love married life.