Sister Time!

My sister spent the night on Thursday! A&M Commerce, where she goes to school, cancelled music classes because of TMEA so she got home two days early! I had no class on Friday so we decided to make the best of it. She cooked us an incredible homemade dinner of crispy chicken and a tomato wine sauce. SO. SO. GOOD. I’ll think I’ll have those leftovers for lunch…

Since she’s going to NYC in a few weeks (LUCKY!) and performing at Carnegie Hall with her choir (DOUBLE LUCKY) we went shopping Friday so she could get some NYC necessities. I budgeted myself $50 and only spent $38. It was really funny how proud of me Jason was. haha! He couldn’t stop raving about me actually staying under budget for once. Yay me! Anyway! Here’s what I got for $38!

maroon tee:  Target $5.50, mint polka-dot blouse: Rue21 $7, blush specs: Rue 21 $5.99, geode necklace: Rue21 $2, black wedges: Target $15

We hit up Target first and I was surprised at how little their sale section grabbed me. This (super soft!) shirt was the only thing I got, but I’m glad I did. That color goes surprisingly well with my hair.

I wanted to go into Rue21 because #1) I’d never been in there and #2) I wanted some fake glasses and my 12 year old sister got hers there. (It’s her favorite store.) Yeah, I found the glasses but look at that crazy awesome MINT blouse! SEVEN. DOLLARS. Lil’ Rudy might be on to something.. Their jewelry was $.50-$2! I scored that awesome geode look-alike for $2. Craziness.

The rest of my weekend looked like this:

Homemade mocha frappes with Jason while he tries to fix his computer. Yippee!