And Then My Shoes Didn’t Fit…

sequin jacket: Modcloth, top: thrifted, jeans: Target, belt: WalMart, shoes: F21

I had different shoes picked out for this outfit but when I went to put them on this morning they wouldn’t go on. They are by far the weirdest fit I’ve bought from Old Navy. They’re my size but tight, like my feet are swollen are something. The humidity has to be just right and the stars must be aligned for them to get on my feet! I even tried enlisting Jason to tug them on this morning but ending up kicking them off in a rage of frustration and grabbed these instead. Probably for the best.

But seriously. Old Navy’s sizing is so weird! I bought a jacket in a medium that actually fit like a large. Then I got the same jacket in the same size only a different color and it doesn’t fit. Get it together ON!